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Foster with Us

What is Fostering?

Foster care provides vulnerable children and young people with care and support when they are no longer able to live with their families in a safe, secure and nurturing family home.

Types of Fostering

When it comes to fostering, there are various types that meet the unique needs of children.

Fostering criteria

We are committed to helping vulnerable and young people to live with supportive families in safe, caring home environments.

How to become a Foster Carer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster carer with West Lothian Council. We're here to help you understand what it means to be a foster carer, and what to expect

Training and Support

We offer a range of comprehensive support services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of foster carers, empowering you to provide the best possible care to the children and young people in your home.

Fees and Allowances

When you foster a child or young person, you'll receive regular foster care payments that are made up in two parts.

Intensive Fostering

Intensive fostering is designed to provide care and support to children and young people generally aged 10 years and over with significant and complex needs.