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Fees and Allowances

When you foster a child or young person, you'll receive regular foster care payments that are made up in two parts.

The first part is a professional fee in recognition of importance of your role as foster carers.  The second part involves allowances to cover your foster child's / young persons living costs including food, clothes, basic travel, household bills, pocket money, Christmas and birthday presents, and days out.

West Lothian Council offers both Fostering and Intensive Fostering, dependant on your skills and experience. Refer to the Intensive Fostering page to view more information.

Fostering Fees and Allowances

Foster Carers are paid a weekly fee of £220.85, paid on a four-weekly basis (£883.40 per four weeks). 

Below you will find a breakdown of the total allowance paid each week for each child / young person.  This covers clothing, pocket money and maintenance and is also paid every four weeks.

AgeClothingPocket MoneyMaintenanceTotal Amount

Additional allowances

An additional 1 weeks Fostering Allowance is paid for Christmas and Birthday.

Holiday Allowance is equivalent to 2 weeks Fostering Allowance.

  • Christmas payment is paid 6-8 weeks before Christmas.
  • Birthday payment is paid within 29 days of the actual birthday date.
  • Holiday payment is paid in May each year.
  • Short Break payments are paid on a pro rata basis for the days that a child is with you. Clothing and pocket money for the child continues to be paid to the child's main carer.

Short Breaks Carers are also paid £300 during the summer school break to pay for additional activities.

Please note: Foster Carers generally don't pay tax on the allowance they receive. However, they need to register as self-employed and pay National Insurance Contributions.

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